Line-up partnerships



This circuit is available to all individuals and legal entities that have a client interested in purchasing our services.

Agency fees are paid in case of successful conclusion of the contract and payment of the advance payment.

regional member

Regional represantative

This line-up is available for legal entities who are interested in selling our services in their region.

This partnership involves a deep immersion in the company's business processes, the study of development technologies and methodologies.


One of the forms of partnership in our company, here is a brief description of the conditions of partnership. You can find out all the details. contact us.

What is the role?


Provide contact information for communication with the client

You get


of the total amount of the contract (average bill ~ 350 000 rubles)

Work algorithm

1 Conclude an agency agreement
2Recommend our company to a client
3 Provide contact information for communication with the client
4We estimate the cost of the contract and voice the customer, as well as duplicate information for the agent
5The client enters the stage of signing the contract, the agent is informed about this
6The client signs a contract and makes an advance payment, the agent is informed about this
7An agent is paid a remuneration in the amount of 5% of the total contract value, and an act of completion is signed

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